Resources that Nurture!


Best Practices in Family Faith Formation

What Does It Mean to Believe in God?

Communion Across Generations: The Challenge and Promise of Intergenerational Dialogue

Five Reasons Millennials Stay Connected to Church

Are Emerging Adults Spiritual But Not Religious?

Vibrant Faith at Home 

Resources for Summer

Just for Kids: Dwelling in the Word, Reading a Story With God

Just for Kids: Creation Station

Young Family:  Five Finger Prayer

Young Family:  Serving others: Toy Swap

Family: Composting as Service

Parents & Grandparents: Summer Rituals with Grandkids

God-parenting: Being a God-parent

Teen Families: Summer Job Spirituality

Teen Families: Social Media Prayers

Young Adults:  Symbols in the Sky

Young Adults: Old Men Who Drink Coffee

Adult/Couple: The Pause that Refreshes

Adult/Couple: Prayer on the Go

Adult/Couple: Road Tripping Together

Daily Happenings In the Home

Celebrating Baptism Birthdays    

                                             We encourage you to celebrate baptism birthdays each year.  Light the baptism candle, imagestell about the day, and remember who you are and whose you are.


Bed Time Blessings

UnknownBedtime rituals are important for winding down the day.  This is a wonderful time pray and bless one another.  Highs and lows, songs, scripture reading, prayers, and blessings are wonderful ways to worship before bed.

Mealtime Prayers

   Unknown-1Meals offer time to have caring conversation with one another and create rituals and traditions such as thanking God for the food  before us and the hands that prepared it.

 Death of a Pet Blessing

Unknown-2The death of any pet can be difficult for children and adults.  Use this pet blessing to discuss and remember the special part of your family.


5 Reasons to Teach Kids the Apostle’s Creed  


The Apostle’s Creed is an ancient confession of faith that boldly states what we believe as people of God.  Read this article for scripture and reasoning of why it is important to teach it to children.



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