This past Sunday Saint John Lutheran held our first Cross+Generational Sunday School gathering.  It was so joyful!  Gathered together with the purpose of faith formation were kids less than one year of age all the way through people in their 90’s.  Sitting at tables were mixed ages and relationships.  Some tables held multiple generations from one family.  Other tables held generations of people that were not related by blood or marriage but are family through faith.  Caring Conversation was held as we started with FaithTalk cards to break the ice and share stories and thoughts.  Devotion came into play as we learned about Martin Luther and the Reformation (a great continuation of the fabulous Katy Luther presentation on Saturday by Alvina Hjortsvang).  Service happened through assisting one another in creating Luther’s rose, along with helping each other blindfold, spin, and provide protection from falling during the “Pin the 95 Theses on the Door” game.  Rituals and Traditions were engaged through prayer and singing as we sang some old and new favorite songs: “Jesus Loves Me” and the “Hippo Song”, led by the Sunday School kids.  They did a great job teaching the older folks the actions!  It was a good day, a day of faith formation with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  A day to which we say, “Praise the Lord!”  Take a moment to share your “Praise the Lord!” moments, because P.S. there’s more than one way to praise the Lord!


3 thoughts on “Cross+Generations

  1. This past cross-generational sunday school was very fun. I liked seeing all of the cross designs we made. P.S It was really cool talking about Brendan and I’s Relay For Life team. Thank you Ann for always being there for me(:

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