Eye of a Hurricane

images-3I grew up in the midwest where tornados are a frequent occurrence in the Spring and Summer.  I remember times of sleeping in the basement when I was young.  I recall sitting in the laundry room of my apartment building with my cat.  One summer in Omaha I was at a Target store when the sirens went off and they herded us all into the back storage room where the staff passed out water, granola bars, and fruit snacks.  Thankfully I’ve never been in the direct path of a tornado, but I have been very close.  I’ve known the high winds, the green sky, and the incredible eerie feeling that has a sense of foreboding to it.  I’ve seen the destruction is has caused just miles from where I was hunkered down the basement.

It is said that when a tornado hits there is the high wind, a sudden calm, and a high windimages-2 again.  That sudden calm in the middle is called the “eye of the tornado” or the “eye of a hurricane.” Whether this is a scientifically accurate, I’m not 100% sure.  But metaphorically, how often things seem to be in chaos…and a time of calm…and then chaos again?  Do you ever have that foreboding feeling of “all is good…when is the other shoe going to drop?”  It’s not a pleasant way to sit through life.

If we rework it in our mind, perhaps it’s finding peace…or finding hope… in the middle of chaos.  We are in a broken world.  There’s no argument against that.  Political parties are at big odds with one another.  Racism is rampant.  People are hurting and are hungry and are homeless.  War and fighting (or fear of) savages different countries around the globe.  Flooding, wildfires, and natural disasters are happening not only in the US but around the world. How and where do we find the eye of the hurricane?  The calm within the storm?  The peace within the fight?

Mother Theresa said, “In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.”  It is those small things with great love where we see God’s kingdom breaking into the world.  Where we see the gospel living and breathing in our midst.  The calm, peace, and hope in the midst of chaos. ff6abcd337186d28bf86dd3f3d47433c--poster-photo-great-quotes-about-life

The kingdom of God is like the owner of a mattress store.

The kingdom of God is like a teenager fighting a life threatening illness, and being aware of the beauty of every day.

The kingdom of God is like a Seattle woman feeding people around the city.

The kingdom of God is like people helping people when they are stranded.

The kingdom of God is like Lutheran Disaster Response which serves the world in the midst of disasters.  You too can donate to help!

The stories go on and on.  Even when what seems like a small act is done with great love, the Kingdom of God breaks into the chaos and the brokenness and brings healing and hope.  For John 1:5 tells us, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.”

P.S. There’s more…. Feel free to share your own stories or links in the comments of where you see God’s kingdom breaking into the world and/or when you’ve experience small acts of great love.


1 thought on “Eye of a Hurricane

  1. Inspiring. It only takes one and each one of us can be that one to share God’s love and grace, hope, peace, and joy. Thank you.

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