Welcome to Camp Agape!

God’s Love is STRONGImage

 Vacation Bible School kicked off as the kids were welcomed to Camp Agape!  This week they will be surrounded by God’s love as they learn that God’s love is Strong, Generous, Forever, Amazing, and For Everyone!  

Dinner was an enjoyable meal of Sloppy Joe, Carrots, and Pretzels that gave us strength and nourishment to move through all our activities.  During the opening we heard that our stewardship service project is to raise money to “Swat Out Malaria” in our sister synod in Tanzania, Africa where bites from infected mosquitos spread malaria.  Bed nets only cost $10 each and save numerous lives.  We are going to “Swat Out Malaria” through our offering money and share God’s love with people around the world.  

We met our animal of the day, Bart the Beaver, who built his house strong just like the wise man who built his house on a rock which was our Bible lesson for the day.  During the opening we also were introduced to Roger Ranger (Dick Boyd), Sally (Sarah Ingwersen), and the Rascally Raccoon (Beth Townsend).  That rascally raccoon kept playing tricks on Sally, Ranger Roger’s niece who has come to help him out  for the summer at Camp Agape.  I wonder what will happen to Sally…or that raccoon!  For craft the younger campers painted rocks while the older campers created garden stepping stones out of cement, stones, beads, and more!  These will be displayed on Thursday night during our cross+generational VBS.  The campers raised their voice in song learning new songs such as “The Rock”, “Wiseman Built His House Upon the Rock”, “Pharaoh, Pharaoh” and more! What great singing voices the campers have!  Most importantly, the campers learned today that God’s love is STRONG!


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