Day 2 of Camp Agape!


God’s Love is GENEROUS

The second day of VBS at Camp Agape was such fun!  After a tasty dinner of meat and cheese tortilla roll ups, applesauce, and goldfish crackers we were ready to do some more singing and find out what happened next in Ranger Roger, Sally, and the Rascally Raccoon’s adventures.  We got to learn more new songs such as “Everlasting Love”, “One Day”, and “Awesome God.” In our skit today Sally was helping Ranger Roger plan an “event.”  It wasn’t quite the type of event she was used to hosting in the big city but she did her best with the materials she had.  She was so excited to show Ranger Roger what she had done that she ran to show him!  But then…that Rascally Raccoon snuck in and…flipped her whole table upside down!  Poor Sally, all that hard work!  She was being generous helping out Ranger Roger and the Raccoon came and spoiled it.  I wonder what tricks will happen tomorrow…

The Bible lesson for the day was Jesus feeding the five thousand people with two fish and five loaves of bread.  The campers learned how God’s love is generous and how other generously shared what they had as well.  Even what seems like a small morsel can grow and multiply just like the loaves and fishes.  For craft the younger campers made foam fish while the older campers made fish that can be hung from the ceiling.

The campers are continuing their stewardship by sharing God’s love through service as they bring an offering to “Swat Out Malaria!”  So far the campers have raised $60 and bought 6 bed nets to prevent malaria.  Today, the most important thing the campers learned was God’s love is GENEROUS!

**To help spread God’s love at home and to continue the learning from VBS, each day campers take home a Taking Faith Home sheet with questions and ideas based on the Four Keys for Faith Formation (Vibrant Faith Ministries).  These will be posted shortly if you would like to take part in those same Four Keys!


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