Camp Agape Day 4!

God’s Love is AMAZING!

God’s love certainly is amazing as we have been witnessing throughout the week via the love and care shared by all the campers and volunteers.  It is worth noting right away that the VBS campers raised $171 by Wednesday to “SWAT OUT MALARIA!”  We quickly surpassed our first goal of 15 bed nets and $150, so we set a new goal of 20 bed nets and $200.  You’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s update to find out if we surpass that new goal.

Dinner was a favorite of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and grapes.  You can’t go wrong with either when you are having a camping picnic dinner!  We enjoyed singing songs and even learned a new one, “Days of Elijah.”  Many songs are becoming quick favorites and are sung with gusto.  Ranger Roger, Sally, and the Rascally Raccoon were back!  Sally was given directions from Ranger Roger on how to build a campfire.  Sally didn’t quite understand the directions but she is a problem solver and finally figured out how to build a fire.  She was so proud of herself!  As she went to go get Ranger Roger to show him her successful campfire the Rascally Raccoon snuck in and put that fire out with a bucket of water!  Sally was SO disappointed!  I wonder how our story will end tomorrow?

The Bible lesson for the day was Pentecost and Pastor Shannyn was invited to do a remembrance of baptism for the campers.  She also ended up answering some very thoughtful questions from the campers.  For craft everyone made very creative and inventive luminaries that will be displayed tomorrow at the final campfire.  Games of course are always fun and the campers had fun running around and playing different games and activities on a beautiful evening.

We are grateful for God’s AMAZING love for us and look forward to coming back tomorrow for Cross+Generational VBS with families, friends, and neighbors!


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