Camp Agape Day 3!

God’s Love is FOREVER!!

Our third day of Vacation Bible School kicked off with LOTS of energy.  The campers are feeling comfortable with one another and their surrounding and are making lots of good friends.  We are enjoying the energy and enthusiasm that comes along with those feelings.  It is joyful to hear a child say, “I couldn’t wait to come to Bible School today!”

Dinner set the stage for the day with chicken and stars soup because all day we were talking about Abraham and Sarah and how God’ promised that their descendants would be more numerous than the stars.  On that same theme new songs were added such as  “I Love You Lord” and “Everyday” while singing some of the favorites from the past few days. Ranger Roger, Sally, and the Rascally Raccoon were back once again.  Ranger Roger and Sally were enjoying the stars in the evening sky…or wait, maybe I should say, Ranger Roger was enjoying the stars while Sally thought it was just a little too dark and perhaps street lamps would be better to brighten up the dark.  Sally was especially startled when a night owl spoke out with a “hooo!”  Sally, trying to make the best of the situation, went to bed in her safe tent.  But then…that rascally raccoon struck again with one of her stunts!!  Making noise and clanking pans together, the raccoon scared Sally out of her wits!! (and a couple of kids too!)  Ranger Roger reassured Sally, letting her know that she is never never alone and that God is always with her, even when she is scared and it is dark because God’s love is strong, generous, and FOREVER!  We also met our animal for the day was Ollie the Owl who reminded us that God is wise and can hear and see all things.

The kids all got a kick out of Pastor Jon showing his “magic” tricks of being able to “turn on the stars” with no hands!  Hmm, maybe he and that rascally raccoon are working together. 🙂

The offering going towards the stewardship of caring for others as we “SWAT OUT MALARIA!” is going well!  The campers have raised $114 already!!  WOW!! AMAZING!  They are well on their way towards raising $150 for 15 bed nets and I don’t doubt they will surpass it.  In addition, Mrs. Pagan and Mrs. Johnson brought in a blanket from the quilting group and all the kids got to tie a knot on a blanket that will be sent overseas to keep someone warm.  They brought pictures of people and places where the blankets are sent.  It was nice to see some pictures of people we are helping, even if we aren’t able to meet them face to face.  It sure is nice to be spreading God’s love around the world in so many ways, knowing that God’s love is everywhere, for everyone, and forever.


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